Burnout is real

The struggle

This year has been a struggle for many, myself included. I’m been very grateful to have a job where I do many things outside of my job description. This motivates me to learn after work hours so I can progress my career, and show my colleagues and boss my ambitions. But doing so lead me to burnout a few times this year already. At work when I’m tasked at new problems and responsibilities I get that adrenaline rush to push myself and learn more about that specific topic at hand - I spent countles hours after working hours and on weekends to absorb all the information I can. This has been a double edge sword because I think it’s a great mindset to have but it leads to burn out. This is where I’m currently at with my life. I have these phases where I’m not doing any self-learning for an entire month, but then I’ll have the urge to do some learning. I often feel guilty when I take a month off of not doing any self-learning because it feels like I’m staying stagnant or not progressing in life or my career.

Finding the right balance

This past month I’ve been working strongly at finding a balance between life, work, and self-learning. Previously I use to dedicate 4 hours after work learning, and 8+ hours on weekends. But with the recent reopening here in Toronto, I’ve been trying my best to find a balance between all three (maybe more emphasize on life). Nowadays I only dedicate 1-2 hours after work ONLY if I want to. If I don’t feel like it I don’t. Additiionally I’ve also spent more time playing video games with my buddies. Adding this into my daily routine has been helping maintaining burnout. Finding the right balance will take time, and it’s something I don’t want to rush. I’ll be playing it by ear for now, and adjust it the burnout starts to creep my way. From what I’m currently doing: going to work, going to the gym, playing video games, and spending 1-2 hours a day learning feels like it’s working - I get enough exercise to maintain mt health, keep in contact with my buddies, and still have that constant urge to learn.

To close it all off - take care of yourself, because burnout is real.