Welcome Back

Where have I been?

I’ll make this sweet and short because I’m eagar to get start blogging again. It’s been well over a year since my last blog post. Since then a lot of things has happened, but the key takeways are moving to downtown Toronto, the COVID-19 pandemic, and recent promotion.

So what’s new?

In March 2020 I moved into a basement apartment here in downtown Toronto. The commute from where I previously lived was something I couldn’t do on a consistent basis - 3 hours of commuting a day. I’ve tried to be productive during the commute by reading a book, but that just couldn’t cut it. Since moving I’ve cut my commute from 3 hours to 20 minutes. This helped my mental state a bit but also gave me more freedom. This all changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Toronto in the middle of March. I won’t go into it in detail but it’s been a rough year for many, myself included - I had my ups and downs but I’m thankful that I have amazing friends and family. I was fortunate enough to still be employed and work from home, but because I’m early in my career it wasn’t the most beneficial experience for me. Through one important thing I was focusing on was my mental health. I feel terrible that I didn’t do much self-learning but working in the same environment I’m trying to self-learn felt like I was working 12 hours days - so I ended up spending the first 7 months of the pandemic playing video games and talking to my friends. In the fall I started getting the urge to wanting to learn and better myself. I ended up creating a home workout routine, with some learning on the side. This pretty much lasted until spring 2021 where I started to get burnt out. I recognized it because out of nowhere I had zero motivation to learn or read any sort of tech related news. To this day, I’m aware of it and manage it carefully by casually play video games with my friends after work, towards the end of night I spend 1-2 hours learning new concepts. Mid June 2021, I got a surprise email from the Director of HR that I’ve been promoted from Jr. Network and Desktop to Support to System Support Specialist. It’s basically what I’m already doing but with the added work of managing our in-house server room plus more.

What’s next?

My company just sent out an email asking employees to fill out a survey. I have a strong feeling that we won’t be going back into the office until early 2022. As the city starts to slowly open up, I’ll need to figure things out.