Amazon EC2 - Home Lab - Part 1 - Setup


Today I decided to do something a bit different. I recently found a blogger, Daniel Miessler that shares his expertise and wisdom to people getting into the infosec. Throughout his website you can see he really does try to educate and give advice to the beginners who are lost. He lays down What I really like about his blog is that he’s very upfront about breaking into the infosec community, and what hiring managers are looking for. I’m not going to go through the entire blog post, but one part that really stood out to me was the Building Your Lab section. And this is why I’ve decided to build my own pentest home lab. I decided to go the route of using VPS (Amazon EC2), to get myself familiar with cloud computing.

Note: this will be a multipart series. Each part will dive into a specific part of the implmentation phase of my home lab.

EC2 Instances

Below you can see my set up of instances on Amazon’s EC2 servers. This setup is very basic because I wanted to get setup completed and be able to get all the instances to talk to each other.

EC2 Instances


After hours of fiddling around with EC2 and trying to get everthing to work together, I managed to properly setup each individual machine accordingly. It took a couple hours to set up, but I’m glad it didn’t take too long.


We can see the three computers (EC2 instances) I created from the beginning have all joined the aws.local domain. From here, I can now start planning what I want to do with this setup, like:

The only limit is your imagination.

Where to next?

Now that we configured everything correctly, we are now ready to try all sorts of stuff. In the next part, I will go through the installation and configuration of services and applications.