PentesterLab - An Introduction to Web Penetration Testing

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Quick Introduction

PentesterLab is a site that introduces beginners to the world of web application security. Through various exercises PentesterLab provides a solid foundation of web application security. As a student very interested in the penetration testing world, having a good grasp on the concepts and methodology for web penetration testing is crucial.

PentesterLab Student Discount

I’ll admit, this is my second time paying for a subscription to PentesterLab PRO. The first time I bought a subscription was a couple years ago. At the time I bought it, I wasn’t sure about my career path. I was still in the phase of I don’t know what career path I want to take. But I knew I either wanted to be in software development or security. So when I bought the subscription I completeled only the introduction badge and that was it. Fortunately, I have a better understanding of myself and where I would like focus my career.

PentesterLab Payment

Today, I re-subscribed to PentesterLab PRO using my student email. I ended up paying $35, instead of $60 if I wasn’t a student. Now if you ask me, with amount of content, and the quality that PentesterLab gives is an excellent price.


One of the reasons I enjoy PentesterLab is the progress page. It gives you a path to follow. There a total of 14 badges, each badge has several challeneges that introduces new concepts by reading about it or watching a video.

PentesterLab Progress

As a novice I really enjoy having both reading material and video material both at my disposal. I’m more fond of reading than watching a video, but it’s always great having someone to explain concepts or methodologies I’ll have trouble grasping from reading.


I don’t want to get into much details about PentesterLab because I can’t expose much of the content. But, the main reason I went re-scubcribed to PentesterLab PRO was because I wanted a better understanding of web application security, and I believe PentesterLab does a great job in doing this. Working through both the introduction and unix badge is easy and already concepts I know. I suspect things to get challenging as I chuck away at this.

I publish any write-ups for PentesterLab challenges because it does ask not to do that, so I’ll respect their wishes, but you can certainly expect me to go through all the challegens and badges.