Volunteer Judging DEF CON 27 x Trace Labs Missing CTF


Today I spent the day virutally volunteer judging for DEF CON 27 x Trace Labs Missing CTF: OSINT CTF for Missing Persons. This is was my second time being a volunteer judge for Trace Labs Missing CTF event.

These events are very similar to one another, so I’ve decided that I won’t be doing a full write-up about the event. These blog posts will be showing the outcomes and the progression of the event.

DEFCONE 27 timer


DEFCONE 27 timer

Here we can see all 9 of the missing persons that Trace Labs put together that the participants must gather information on.

DEFCONE 27 teams overview

And here we can see all 56 teams that are participating in the Missing CTF, and the 16 volunteer judges that will need to validate submissions

With the event just starting, we as judges wait for submissions to come in to get assigned a team. I knew this event wouldn’t be like the previous one I volunteer judged for just because it’s hosted at DEFCON.

DEFCONE 27 team assginment

As submissions come in we minitor and track the teams we are assigned and go from there. At 2pm I was assigned my first team (had errandds to do since the start of the event at 1pm).

Note: From the start of the event until the end of the event, it’s just validating your teams submissions and giving feedback if you reject it.

DEFCONE 27 final score

Throughout the 8 hours I ended up validating submissions for a total of 4 teams. Reviewing submissions and writing explanations as to why some submissions were rejected. This gave me an opportunity to effectively communicate why I believe teams submissions are insufficient to the law enforcement.