(UPDATE) Journey to CompTIA Security+ Certification



Last week when I pulled the trigger on obtaining the CompTIA Security+ Ceritification, I had a plan in place. The goal was to summarize each domain listed in the CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Objectives, into blog posts. Throughout my blog you would be able to see my notes for each. I did this for the first couple subdomains but I found that it was slowing down my progress in learning the material. I was too focused on producing a decent quality post rather than studying for the material.

After pondering on this for the last couple days I figured, if I was going to actually learn the material I would need to stop focusing on my blog too much and actually learning the material.

So I officially concluded that I won’t be blogging too much, unless I’m taking a break and decide to write-up CTF challanges. I believe doing this I will be able to focus on learning the material and pass the exam.

Security+ Exam

It’s booking season

Today, I decided to finally pay for the voucher and book the exam. I wasn’t going to schedule to take the exam until late September. But, I felt like by not scheduling it I would procrastinate. So I said, what the heck… and just booked it.

Sayonara… For now

With just a little over a month before the exam, it does put a lot of pressure on me. And I think I need this to really focus on studying.

So, with that being said… I won’t be as frequent with posting blogs articles. Maybe if I decide to do CTF / HackTheBox write-ups, or just simply eager to post something security related, then I’ll post something.

Other than that… I will have to say goodbye for now, and I’ll see you in a months time :^)